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If you need more than just a landline in your premises, we have the right solution for you.
With WonderVoice, you can screen and route phone calls, communicating cost-free within your company and having access to reports on your internal and external communications.
With this solution, you can also swap the telephone for the computer, and add voice, video, or message communications within your company.

A Call Center Solution geared towards the different business sectors


Retail Chain

Bank Counters

Health Clinics and Hospitals


Shopping Malls

Public Entities

Schools and Colleges

A cloud-based call management PBX solution

Wondervoice allows the correct routing of calls coming from the public line, as well as the establishment of internal calls regardless of the operator’s network availability.

It is a scalable solution tailored to your company’s needs, constantly keeping up with the growth of your business.

A cloud-based PBX solution that manages the calls coming from the public line, as well as the correct internal routing.

The WonderVoice benefits

Efficient call screening and routing using IVR

Customization of the call handling by dates and times

Possibility of Communications Operator redundancy

Operator-agnostic solution

Conference up to 5 people

Control of communications through reports

Customized Support and Configuration

WonderVoice Main features:

Direct dialing;


Speed dial numbers;


Phone number mapping Call forwarding if busy number;


IVR – Answering Menu and Automatic Call Distribution System;


Telephone Directory Call barring;


Queueing System with Music, Call Capture and Call entry rules;


Dialing internal extensions from the outside;


Callback, Voice mail and Conference calling;


Call Capture and Key system;


User profiles with call permissions;


Call reporting and recording.

Choose the WonderVoice service that best suits your business.

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