Video Communication Stand apart from your competition by using an innovative way to hold meetings with your customers and team. Solutions

Implementing a video conferencing system can be a simple, flexible and fast process.
Wonderlink is a cloud-based videoconferencing solution that makes video communications accessible to all businesses.

If your team gets dispersed or you need to improve your customers’ communication experiences,
this is the best solution for your company.

Training Centres

Training sessions for employees or trainees in various places

Car Dealers

Business follow-up meetings with the various points of sale

Law Firms

Working meetings with customers or other international offices


New communication experience with customers and partners, allowing you to internationalize your business

Real Estate Agencies

Meetings with customers to present new offers and internal meetings for monitoring results


Meetings with teams from other offices belonging to the same organization

A new way of meeting with
customers, partners and team.

WonderLink is an end-to-end videoconferencing solution which includes a
hardware component (endpoints) and access to a video platform
as a service on the Cloud, allowing you to connect video systems,
PCs and mobile phones in a single virtual room.

*Certified endpoints: Cisco SX10, Huawei TE 10, 20, 30.
It can be made compatible with other hardware solutions or systems that are already in place.
Contact us for an assessment.

Through a comprehensive approach, WonderLink ensures:

Plug and Play model that allows installing video endpoints quickly and securely

It adapts to your company’s communication needs

Interoperability between manufacturers and communication protocols

Implementation of a system that is highly scalable according to operational progress

Centralization of hardware and software installation in the same vendor

Lower costs of investment in endpoints.

How does our solution work?

Get all the video meeting participants together in the same virtual room,
regardless of the technology or devices they use, making communications with customers and teams easier.

Do you need to bring together multiple devices in the same meeting?

No problem. We also offer a 1×1 video call solution at no extra cost.

Main Wonderlink features

Multipoint video meetings with
participants from both inside and
outside your organization

Connection of different communication
protocols in the same virtual room (SIP and H323)

Integration of video and voice collaborations into a single platform (video conferencing systems via Browser, Skype for Business, traditional phone service and mobile devices with a dedicated Mobile App)

Document, application and screen

Control of access to the
virtual room

Meeting recording for analysis and sharing

An end-to-end approach to improve your company’s communications.

Implementation of an integrated solution (hardware + software) by a single specialized team;


Quick installation (1 day for certified endpoints);


Improved video conferencing experience, with better data and image transmission quality;


Enhanced video conferencing capacity without the need for major investments in equipment and infrastructure;


Lower communication costs and less need for teams to travel;


Competitive differentiation based on an innovative way of communicating with customers and partners;


IIntegration with other Wondercom services, enabling a holistic approach to ICT technologies;


Support and maintenance provided throughout the duration of the contract.

WonderLink Offer

We analyse your needs in order to implement the best solution
for your business, according to the desired no. of participants and endpoints.

In addition to the basic modules, you can choose the
deployment plan that best suits your business.

WonderLink Plans

Choose the plan that best suits your business.

Videoconference as a Service


We have a set of certified endpoints on the platform
that allow us to streamline the installation of the entire solution.

Note: installation and support included for the entire duration of the contract at no extra cost.

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