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Implementing a videoconferencing system is a simple, flexible, and fast process.
Wonderlink is a solution that improves the videoconferencing communication experience through the implementation of equipment and endpoints (televisions and cameras) that enhance audio and video quality.
Break down the barriers that remote work can bring to your company by adopting a solution that will ensure a unified, workplace-neutral collaboration for your teams.

If you have a scattered team or need to improve the communication
experience with your clients,
 this is the best solution for your company.

Training Centers

Training sessions for internal staff or trainees at various locations

Companies with multiple locations

Survey of technical issues and key requirements

Law Firms

Business meetings with clients or with other international offices


New communication experience with clients and partners, allowing you to expand your business internationally


Real Estate

Meetings with clients to present new offers and internal meetings to monitor results


Meetings with staff from other offices in the same organization

A new way to meet with clients, partners and team

During implementation of the Wonderlink solution, we identify and analyze your needs and design the most suitable solution for your company.

We guarantee the installation of the solution as well as its support and maintenance.

*Certified Endpoints: Poly Studio P15, X30 and X50.

Possibility of compatibility with other hardware solutions or systems already implemented.
Contact us for an evaluation.

Through a comprehensive approach, WonderLink ensures:

Plug and Play model with the installation of the video
endpoints in a fast and secure manner

Implementation of a highly scalable system as
your business evolves

Adjustment to your company’s communication needs

Proper Support and Maintenance

How does our solution work?

Bring all video meeting participants together in the same virtual room, regardless of technology and device, facilitating communications among everyone.

Wonderlink Main Features

Full compatibility with the MsTeams platform

Excellent surround audio quality

Integration of a microphone array for a better audio experience

Integrated Automatic Framing

Wireless connection to the camera is supported

Built-in privacy shutter

UHD 4K 2160p camera Up to 120°
field of view Up to 5x digital zoom

Simple and intuitive use

Noise and echo suppression

An end-to-end approach to improve your company’s communications

Implementation of the integrated solution through a single specialized team;


Quick installation of the solution;


Improved video meeting experience, with higher quality data and image transmission;


Expansion of current videoconferencing capacity without large investments in equipment and infrastructure;


Reduction of communication costs and team displacement needs;


Stand out from the competition in the way you deal with clients and partners;


Integration of the offer with other Wondercom services, allowing for a holistic approach to ICT technologies;


Support and maintenance assured for the duration of the contract.

WonderLink Offer

We analyze your needs in order to implement the best solution
for your business, based on the number of participants and endpoints required,
in a solution completely tailored to your company’s MsTeams platform.


We have a set of endpoints already certified on the platform
that allow a faster installation of the entire solution.

Note: installation and support included during the entire contract period at no additional cost to the client.

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