Marketing Wifi A secure and fast WiFi solution that enables a new approach to your business.
If you share the passwords to access your WiFi network
despite being unaware of your customers’ behaviour,
this product is for you. We install a state-of-the-art WiFi solution that allows you to know your customers
while ensuring greater security
and a fast access to the Internet.

Why is it important for your business?

Restaurants and Cafes

Attract new customers and improve your relationships with the existing ones, promoting new offers and events.

Retail and Brands

Get to know your visitors and traffic to implement more personalized marketing campaigns

Offices Professional

WiFi network that boosts the productivity of your teams and internal data analysis

Hotel Industry

Provide better experiences and make your customers want to return through direct channels

Recintos e Espaços Públicos

Enhance visitor experience and create new ways to monetize spaces


Provide better experiences and personalized content for different types of visits

Turn your Guest WiFi into a marketing tool.

WonderGuest is a 360° WiFi solution fully managed in the Cloud, allowing not only the installation of a professional internet access network, but also adding new features for collecting and generating information about customers and how they use the space.

The benefits of a WiFi 360º Marketing solution


Easy implementation

Compatibility with all hardware manufacturers and with the existing infrastructure, integration with the existing applications

Network capacity and security

Greater coverage and security in using the network with a greater number of users

Guest WiFi Concept

Separation between the internal work network and the network provided to the customers

Personalized access

Personalized access Creation of user profiles with access to specific features

For your business…

Marketing Campaigns

Collection of customer data for developing segmented Marketing campaigns


Allows ensuring compliance with the new data protection regulation and its developments

New lines of business

Monetize your landing page by managing an advertising space

Multi-store vision

The same access for different points of sale, enabling an integrated analysis of customer and visit information

For your customers…

Easy and personalized access

Personalized access to the WiFi network without configurations, customizing the registration process and image for each user

User experience

Enhanced network usage quality and experience

Personalized communication

Access to personalized offers and promotions, according to the information that is collected

WonderGuest Features


Access to the personalized WiFi network with communication rules for in-house campaigns

Landing Page Access
Terms and conditions
One type of registration


Acesso à rede WiFi com
registo de utilizadores e
análise de dados utilização

Landing Page Acesso
Termos e condições
Várias formas de registo


Acesso à rede WiFi
personalizada com regras de
comunicação para
campanhas in-house

Multiple Landing Pages Acesso com publicidade
Motor de regras
Envio de mensagens
Analítica avançada
Integração com outros sistemas

Managed Marketing

Acesso à rede WiFi
personalizada com regras de
comunicação para
monetização total da
relação com clientes

Delegação de campanhas
Monetização da solução
Gestão de Mensagens
Gestão de espaço publicitário
Analítica integrada
Segmentação de guests

Technological Solutions

We implement the best solution according to your current infrastructure and business needs.
Have you ever invested in equipment to ensure access to the WiFi network?
No problem.
We guarantee you that we will make the systems compatible with our software and we can even integrate them with any business application you need.

The following criteria should be taken into account
when defining the no. of access points to be implemented:


No. of users;
Type of use (applications with high bandwidth
e.g. video streaming vs applications with low bandwidth, e.g. Email);
Space configuration based on area and partitioning.

Our customers’ success is our success.

Soon we will share with you a few customer testimonials


Choose the plan that best suits your business.

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