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If you continue to share passwords to access your Wi-Fi network, unaware of your users’ behavior, this product is for you.
We install a new-generation Wi-Fi solution, allowing you to learn about your users while ensuring greater security and speed in internet accesses.

How important is it for your business?

Restaurants and cafes

Attract new clients and improve the relationship with current ones by promoting new offers and events

Retail and Brands

Learn about your visitors and traffic to conduct more customized marketing campaigns


Professional Wi-Fi network that enables increased team productivity and internal data analysis

Hotel Industry

Provide better experiences and foster repeat stays through direct channels

Venues and Public Spaces

Improve the visitor experience and create new ways to monetize the spaces


Provide better experiences and customized content for different types of visitors

Turn your Guest Wi-Fi into a marketing tool.

WonderGuest is a WiFi 360º solution, allowing not only the installation of a business internet access network, but also adding new features to collect and generate information about clients and their use of space.

The Benefits of a 360° WiFi Marketing Solution


Network capacity and security

Higher coverage and security of network usage for higher number of users

Concept of Guest Wi-Fi

Setup of an internal work network separate from the network made available to your clients

Custom Accesses

Creation of user profiles with access to specific functionalities

For your business…

Marketing Campaigns

Gathering client data for developing segmented Marketing campaigns


Ability to ensure compliance with the new data protection regulation and its evolution

Advertising Space

Monetization of your landing page by operating customizable advertising space

Multi-site view

The same access for different selling points, allowing an integrated analysis of client information and visits

For your clients…

Easy, secure and customized access

Customization of Wi-Fi network access without configuration

User experience

Improved quality and experience of using the network

Communication customization

Access to customized offers and promotions, based on the information gathered

Quality Internet Access

Fast and Stable Access

Wonderguest Features

Unified Cloud Solution

Consult information from different platforms and devices in a single portal

Fast Implementation and Scalability

Set up your portal quickly and easily


Customize the captive portal according to your brand image

Real-Time Dashboards and Reports

Know who accesses your network in real time through comprehensive dashboards and reports

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Create targeted marketing campaigns based on the collected data

Access Control

Block access to certain users. You can also set traffic and time limits

State-of-the-art Equipment

Equipment in WiFi6

Access Landing Page

Possibility to configure multiple access pages


Multilingual and GDPR Compliant

Technology Solutions

We implement the best solution based on your current infrastructure and business needs.

To establish the number of access points to be implemented,
the following criteria should be taken into account:


No. of users of the space;
Type of use (high bandwidth applications,
e.g. video streaming vs low bandwidth applications, e.g. E-mail);
Space configuration in terms of area and rooms.

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