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If you need to strengthen the security of your outdoor and indoor facilities, against unwanted visitors, or accidents and disasters, WonderGuard is the solution for you.
We install and provide the necessary support for our video surveillance solution tailored to your needs.
We offer an integrated solution, implemented over a landline or mobile communications network, installed and managed by certified professionals.
WonderGuard allows you to autonomously and in real time monitor everything remotely and access the recordings from a Mobile Phone or PC.

This closed circuit television (CCTV) allows you to record all the events that take place in a premise.

It is a very useful tool to prevent possible theft, but also as a query for any questions or incidents about past situations.

Equipment needed:

The WonderGuard for you and your business.

See what goes on in your home wherever and whenever you want. Protect people, animals and property. In case of intrusion, you can act immediately and have valid images for the authorities.

If you have a private outdoor space at the mercy of weather, theft, or other intrusions, this solution may suit you.

If you manage a commercial space, this solution will meet your security needs and allow access to image viewing and alerts on-site or remotely.

In local accommodation or hotel establishments, this camera and image recording system allows for greater security in common spaces.

If you have a warehouse, this system monitors incoming and outgoing goods, protecting you against intrusion and theft.

WonderGuard Main Features

Control the security of your space from a cell phone (smartphone), tablet or computer.

It sends alerts via e-mail, cell phone notification, call, or sms.

It allows access to real-time images or recordings, either directly on the recorder or online.

It works with landline or mobile communications.

It ensures compliance with the data protection regulation and other legislation in force.

The cameras can be located outdoors and have anti-vandalism protection.

It allows for infrared image recording for night vision.

The cameras are centrally powered from the network cable, so no power outlet is needed at the camera site.

You can set up several access profiles and manage the users who can view the images and receive the alerts, and make the changes you want.

Installation adjusted to the physical conditions of the site, in line with the standards in force and best practices.

WonderGuard Benefits

Autonomy in security management;


Controlled costs fixed at the outset;


Fast and easy implementation;


Maintenance up to 3 years and equipment replacement on the next business day;


Specialized team that implements the system according to your needs;


Technology tailored to the size of any business;


Compliance with all legal requirements;


Availability of the recorded images in a tamper-proof format (valid with the authorities);


Possibility to link the solution to a specialized security company;


Wondercom can ensure the implementation of the solution together with the communications network guaranteeing ease, speed, lower costs, and full responsibility for the end result.

WonderGuard Plans

Choose the plan that best suits your business.

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