Electronic Surveillance Solutions Control your premises with a world-leading electronic surveillance system managed by you and tailored to your needs. & Access Control

Electronic surveillance systems prevent or reduce the impact of hazardous situations and also help us to work better and to have more control over work processes.
If you want to strengthen the security of your premises, outdoor spaces, garages, shops, warehouses, accommodation units or houses against unwanted guests and/or accidents and catastrophes, Wonderguard is the solution for you. We install and maintain electronic surveillance solutions tailored to each case. We offer an integrated solution based on a fixed or mobile communications network with a fast and professional implementation, up to 3 years of maintenance by certified technicians and equipment from world-leading suppliers.
With WonderGuard, you are autonomous and can see and control everything remotely, from a Mobile Phone or PC, or authorize others to do it for you.

WonderGuard for you and your business.

Solution with Image Recording
See what is going on at home wherever and whenever you want. Check on people, pets and property. In case of an intrusion, you can act immediately and have valid images for the authorities.

Solution with Alarm Control Panel
If you have special security needs, either due to your home’s location or to the fact that there are children, relatives with special needs, pets or property you need to protect at home, this solution adapts to your needs.

Solution with Image Recording
If you have a private outdoor space prone to bad weather, thefts or other intrusions, this solution may suit you.

Solution with Alarm Control Panel
If you have assets that need surveillance in a public outdoor area, this solution improves your security and prevents losses.

Solution with Image Recording
If you’re managing a commercial space, this solution adapts to your security needs and allows you, or your employees, to view images and alerts on site or remotely, reducing costs – there may be specific solutions for controlling cash registers or waiting lines

Solution with Alarm Control Panel
This solution allows you to ensure the security of facilities, people and property.

Solution with Image Recording
Installing a camera and image recording system is recommended to improve the security of local or small accommodation units.

Solution with Alarm Control Panel
In the case of a small hotel unit, this solution provides a comprehensive security system at an affordable cost.

Solution with Image Recording
If you have a small warehouse with only a few entry and exit points, this system can ensure the control of the work flow, the entry and exit of goods and protect you against intrusions and theft.

Solution with Alarm Control Panel
This type of solution is indicated for property protection.

Main WonderGuard features

Allows controlling security using a single application from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Sends alerts via e-mail, mobile phone notification, telephone call or sms.

Allows viewing real-time and recorded images online.

Works with landline or mobile communications.

Ensures compliance with the new data protection regulation (GDPR).

The cameras can be outside and have anti-vandalism protection.

Allows viewing images on site and/or remotely.

It can record images or use infrared for night vision, according to the customer’s needs: it can record from 3 to 30 days (depending on the recording system used).

It does not need power outlets since the detectors are powered by long battery life and the cameras from the network cable.

In the Solution with Alarm Control Panel, you can receive an alert with a real-time video streaming to check what is going on (innovative technology)

It has several access profiles allowing you to manage the users who can see the images and receive the alerts, and make any changes you want.

The equipment is adapted to the physical conditions of the site by a specialized technician (incidence of light on the camera during the day, weather conditions, …)

It has door, fire, smoke, glass, temperature, proximity, motion sensors, among others…


Reinforced security;


Autonomous security management;


Costs controlled and defined upfront;


Quick and easy implementation;


Maintenance up to 3 years and equipment replaced on the following business day;


Specialized team that implements the system according to your needs;


The solution can sometimes be immediately installed, in the case of small-/medium-sized customers, but the technology adapts to any size or need;


Compliance with all legal obligations, with the approval of the police authorities;


Recorded images can be provided in a non-editable format (to be valid for the authorities);


When choosing WonderGuard solutions, you need to know the image resolution required for the type of location in question or the lighting levels available. Our sales assistants and technicians will help you in your decision;


It is possible to connect the solution to a specialized security company;


Wondercom can provide the implementation of the solution together with the communications network ensuring a quick and easy process, lower costs and full accountability for the end result.


WonderGuard Plans

Choose the plan that best suits your business.

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