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The opportunity to have a professional HelpDesk in your company


NNot all companies can afford to have
a specialized IT team.
With WonderDesk we provide you with a service
that guarantees control, security and productivity without
interruptions for your organization, using a
specialized team and market-leading monitoring
and support tools.
What does the WonderDesk service consist of?


The WonderDesk service ensures professional support to solve
IT problems in two ways:

With the WonderDesk solution, we manage your network in a non-intrusive way through a monitoring device.

Via this technical solution, we guarantee a pro-active support to your IT infrastructure that will allow your company’s employees to work without technical difficulties or interruptions.

Additionally, and if necessary, we can renew your IT equipment through competitive
plans for the purchase or rental of computers or other equipment.

This solution provides support in managing and maintaining servers, computers, network assets, and printers and applications.

You can customize WonderDesk to suit your company’s needs, structure, and budget.

WonderDesk allows you to:

Centralize all contacts to solve IT and communications issues;

Remote and phone support for analysis and resolution, and if necessary, on-site intervention;

Management of your active equipment: computers, servers, printers, routers, switches and Access Points;

Having your entire infrastructure managed and monitored through market-leading software and a highly specialized team.
For whom* is the WonderDesk intended?


Retail Chain

Bank Counters


Shopping Malls

Public Entities

*We will always analyze the situation of the companies on a case-by-case basis.

How do we assure the WonderDesk service?
A sure way to solve your company’s problems


Continuously update and monitor all
client software and active network equipment
(Routers, Switch, Firewall, AP Controller, APs …).
Remote intervention when necessary.

Guaranteed reduction in failures in your network or
IT infrastructure ensuring
better productivity of your teams


Correction of the identified problems
via preventive action
Analysis and resolution of the problems reported by
users or authorized contacts from your company.

Guaranteed swift and secure resolution of
any issues that may arise through a specialized
Helpdesk team available by phone
on a schedule tailored to your business needs

With WonderDesk, keep the focus on your business!

Secure expert support for your company’s IT
that can complement the work of your current service providers.


Prevents the problem from ever happening, preventing direct impacts on your business

The service features reduced costs with high-quality control, a huge advantage for small and medium-sized companies

Avoids dependence on a single technician or service with structural limitations

We offer competitive computer rental or purchase plans if you need to renew your IT equipment

We are fully familiar with all the technological advances in order to intervene remotely and swiftly, with professionals who are always up to date

We ensure a professional interface with your current suppliers in solving identified issues (computer hardware, printers and internet access), ensuring a single point of contact for your company

If your company already has a business relationship with a reliable support
to perform on-site (replace cabling, check electrical issues, etc.),
you may keep it, without prejudice to the contract with WonderDesk

WonderDesk Plans

Choose the plan that best suits your business.

Subscribing is Simple

Client fills out form and lists company equipment


Company analyzes process and sends list of corrective measures it must apply, if necessary


Adjustment of the commercial conditions to the company’s IT equipment


Commercial proposal based on the list drawn up by the client


Contract Award


Service Starts

Pedido de Contacto

Ponto de Contacto

Preenchimento pela Wondercom


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